Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks
Cheese Sticks. I have in the fridge all those unused wonton wrapper from my siomai quest. I have to find a recipe to use them I thought cheese sticks would be perfect as I have also half of a cheese ball that is laying in the fridge for sometime now. Cheese sticks are being peddled in school campuses as a quick snack to students for the reason that they are cheap and delectable. They are served as finger food at children parties and even appetizer or pulutan on social drinking. There is nothing complicated in cooking cheese stick all that is needed, a lot of cooking oil and a wok to deep fry them. Cheddar cheese and the regular lumpia wrapper are also perfect for this recipe.


Cheese Stick - Incredients

1/2 cheese ball, cut into strips
50-60 pcs. wonton wrapper
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

Cheese Sticks - Method

Cheese Sticks - Cooking Procedure

In a plate place one piece of wonton wrapper, place on 1 strip of cheese at one end. Roll wonton wrapper to form a roll about the size of index finger. Wet the other end with water to seal. Repeat process with the rest. Heat oil at medium to high heat and fry cheese sticks in batches for 2 to 3 minutes or until cheese stick skins are crisp, golden brown. Remove cheese sticks from wok and drain excess oil. Serve while the skins are still crisp with mayonnaise ketchup dip.


  1. i love making these using mozarella oor cheddar!

  2. i dont use wanton wrapper

  3. Doesnt the cheese come out on the side? I must admit, I have used wonton wrapper before, but I totally sealed the side, lol. It's great and crunchy, too. :D

  4. if you used the quickmelt type yes it will come out on the sides.


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