Fish and Seafood Dish for the Lenten Season

Yesterday I made a post in photo gallery of meatless dishes that I could find in the archives. Now if you haven’t decided and prefer something from the bounty of the sea and the water for the Lenten Season, here is a photo summary of fish and seafood dishes from the archives. It is in the same format, to see the name of a dish just hover the mouse over the photo, to see the relevant post just click on the photo.

Adobong PusitAdobong Tanguige
Afritadang BangusCalamares, Calamari
Chili CrabCream Dory with Black Beans
Crispy Fried DilisCrispy Fried Espada
Crispy Fried FishCrispy Garlic Prawn
Daing na BangusDaing na Talakitok
Escabecheng TalakitokEscabecheng Tanguigue
Fish & Tofu with TausiFish Sisig
Grilled Stuffed SquidGuinataang Alimasag
Guinataang HalaanGuinataang Hipon
Guinataang Hipon TabangGuinataang Kuhol
Guinataang PusitGuinataang Tilapia at Pechay
Guinataang TulinganHalabos na Hipon
Inihaw na AlumahanInihaw na Bangus
Inihaw na Buntot ng MalasugiInihaw na Pusit
Inihaw na TunaJumping Salad
Kinilaw na DilisKinilaw na Pusit(Cuttlefish)
Kinilaw na TanguigeKinilaw Tanguige Tomato
Pritong Tilapia
Paksiw na AsuhosPaksiw na Bisugo
Paksiw na BangusPesang Ulo ng Isda
Pinangat Sinaang na TulinganPritong Asuhos
Pritong Daing na EspadaRellenong Alimasag
Rellenong BangusSarciadong Maya-Maya
Sardinas at PechaySinaing na Isda(Tuna)
Sinaing na Tulingan a PatisSinanglay
Sinigang Bangus sa BayabasSinigang Bangus sa Santol
Sinigang na Isda sa MisoSinigang na Lapu Lapu
Sinigang na SalamonSweet & Sour Maya Maya
Squid and Broccoli with Oyster SauceTanguige Steak
Tinowang Buntot ng MalasugiTinowang Isda
Tinowang TanguigeTinolang Halaan
Tinolang TahongTokwa at Isda
UkoyUkoy na Dilis

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