Turon na Saging

Turon na Saging
Turon na Saging. I had some plantain banana or Saba that came from our farm in Laguna. I have already cooked some of as Nilagang Saging the other day some was was cooked as Minatamis na Saging with Kalamansi Zest. I was surprised, the bananas were extraordinarily sweet, probably because the fruits were harvested when they are about to ripen.

Turon na Saging, Fried Banana Rolls
I thought the remaining bananas would be good as fried Turon, the size of the bananas were small which should be ideal as plain Turon na Saging. Because the bananas are already inherently sweet I only added sugar sparingly. I had to fill in something as I do not have the sweetened langka and makapuno I used on my previous Turon, Fried Banana Roll, instead I settled for plain sugar.

Fried Banana Rolls

My Turon na Saging is not your usual Turon that you usually buy from street vendors or at your favorite supermarkets, that are loaded with caramelized sugar. My Turon na Saging has just the right or minimal amount of sugar for the caramel sweetness.

Here is the recipe of my Turon na Saging, try it.


Turon na Saging Rolls

12pcs. small size ripe plantain bananas
12 pieces lumpia wrapper
washed sugar
cooking oil

Cooking Procedure:

Trim both ends of each banana and peel off skin, cut into half lengthwise keep aside. In a large plate place one piece of lumpia wrapper, place on top 2 slices of banana aligned together. Lightly sprinkle banana with the sugar. Roll lumpia wrapper halfway, fold both ends, now fully roll and wet the end of flap with water to seal. Repeat process with the rest of the bananas.

Turon na Saging, Fried Banana Rolls - Cooking Procedure

In a large wok, heat generous amount of oil at medium to high heat, arrange the banana rolls side by side. Lightly sprinkle some sugar over the banana rolls, then once more when the banana rolls are flipped. Fry the banana rolls for 2 to 3 minutes each side or until lumpia skins are crisp and golden brown. Remove the fried banana rolls from the wok and drain excess oil. Serve while the skins are still crisp.


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