Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong Dip

Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong Dip
Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong Dip. Here is one of Ilocano’s favorite side dish. Charcoal grilled eggplant mixed with chopped tomatoes and onions and of course bagoong na isda/anchovies (monamon) dip. Tinuno nga tarong in (Ilocano dialect) is best eaten as a side dish for grilled fish.

Bagoong Dip

For this dish I grilled some Asian eggplant (they are available here at Woolworths but they are a bit pricy) on my electric stove, they can be also griped in a gas stoves. Chopped crosswise and added some chopped tomatoes and onions. For the bagoong dip I just added some chopped red chili and lemon. Here’s how I made my Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong Dip.


3-4 pieces medium size eggplants
1 small size tomato, chopped
1/2 small size onion, chopped
bagoong na isda
red chili

Cooking procedure:

Grill each eggplant until skin is charred, let cool. Remove skin of each eggplant and chop at about 1/2” crosswise, set aside. In a big bowl toss eggplant, onion and tomato. Serve immediately with bagoong dip with lemon and chili.

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