Nilagang Buto ng Langka

Nilagang Buto ng Langka
Nilagang Buto ng Langka. If you are a frequent traveller to Tagaytay, or have recently travelled to Tagatay I am pretty sure that you have seen those fruit stalls along the Sta Rosa-Tagaytay Road. I believe, Langka is in season at this time, those fruit stalls are filled with Langka fruits in all sizes. on my last drive to Tagaytay, on my way home, I was lucky to change upon on one of the fruit stalls fresh Langka seeds. The Langka seeds are packed in small styro plates and are priced at 3 packets for Php 100.00. Without hesitations I immediately bought 3 packets, luck seems with me that day the peddler given the last packet for the reason that it would already be difficult to sell the last single packet.

Buto ng Langka

If you grow up or you are from the province or country side you probably now know what will I do with these Langka seeds, yes you are right I will boil them. Nilagang Langka or Boiled Langka seeds is favourite snack in the country side when langka is in season. Boiled Langka seeds taste like Castañas, or similar texture if you do not agree 100% with me. To eat the Boiled Langka seeds the thin shell of the seeds should be peeled, unlike the NilagangMani, langka seeds has an almost paper thin shell.

Cooking the Nilagang Buto ng Langka is dead simple, just wash the Langa Seeds and straight to the pan and boil till cooked. But for the benefit of those who are learning to cook, I have to make simple cooking recipe for our Nilagang Buto ng Langka.


Langka Seeds

1 big bowl langka seeds
1 tablespoon salt

Cooking Procedure:

Remove the soft tissue covering of each langka seeds. Wash thoroughly and place in a pan. Add enough water up to 1 1/2 “ over the seeds. Add in the salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 45 to 60 minutes. When done drain and discard the water. Serve, to eat remove the hard thin shell leaving the soft nut.


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