Lamayo Breakfast

Lamayo Breakfast
Lamayo Breakfast. Lamayo in Palawan is a fresh dangit that is butterflied and marinated with vinegar, garlic and some crushed pepper. It is similar to the daing na bangus, marinated bangus of Dagupan and Manila. Similarly it is either deboned or with the bones, but most will be deboned. Lamayo is one of the must have and must take home food when you visit Palawan. It is usually served for breakfast and comes vacuum packed as a take home pasalubong.


Lamayo in the Visayas or in Palawan, in particular is the process of preserving fish or fish preparation. Usually dangit are used for lamayo, but it can be applicable to any other similar fish or bangus as in bangrus lamayo. Lamayo in their vacuum  sealed bags if kept on freezer can last for months or a year as stated on the labels. But for sure in my opinion it would not last a couple of days or would be cooked straight away on most Pinoy homes.

Vacuum Packed Lamayo

Lamayo, similar to daing na bangus are crispy fried and served with your favorite dip of vinegar garlic and chili mixture or just plain chopped tomato. It is usually served at breakfast with fried rice and fried egg but there is no reason for not having it any time of the day.


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