Crispy Fried Dilis

Crispy Fried Dilis
Crispy Fried dilis. Dilis or anchovy are abundant in Philippine waters. Fishermen dry their excess catch under the sun. Dried dilis or daing na dilis have longer shelf life thereby reaching more markets including overseas markets for OFW and other Pinoys abroad. The easiest and more common way of cooking daing na dilis is sangag or pan fried with or with out oil served with vinegar garlic dip. On this post I am offering an alternative cooking method of dried anchovy, crispy fried dilis. The dried dilis are first drenched with vinegar and for added spiciness with red hot sauce. Dredging the dilis with vinegar will facilitate or make it easier for the cornstarch to cling and coat the dried dilis. The use of cornstarch will make the fried dilis really crispy. Because the end product is already sour and spicy the need for a dip is not necessary. Here is the recipe, enjoy.


2 cup dried dilis
2 tbsp. sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tbsp hot sauce
1 cup corn starch
cooking oil

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Cooking procedure:

In a bowl mix cornstarch, sugar and salt to taste. In a separate bowl coat dilis in the mixture of vinegar and hot sauce. Now toss drenched dilis in the cornstarch, sugar and salt mixture. Deep fry in batches coated dilis over moderate heat until golden brown and crispy, Drain on paper towel. Serve. 


  1. For some reasons I do no like Fried dilis.

  2. Hi..thanks for this recipe. I used to cook dilis straight to the pan without dipping them in vinegar, however,they do not get crispy. I would like to try this out to see if they would turn out crispy.


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