Looking for Filipino Food in Brisbane?

Best Friends, Kainan sa Valley
Best Friends, Kainan sa Valley. Every time I have a change whenever I visited major cities in Australia I tried to find and visit a local Filipino restaurant or similar eating place. My problem is I am always on the go and I would not have enough time and I could only visit one or if I have time to spare perhaps a couple, defending on their location. A couple of months back while I am in Brisbane I finally have time to visit Best Friends, Kainan sa Valley. The place is located in McWhirters Centre Food Court just across the Fortitude Valley Train Station. The train station building is connected by a foot bridge to McWhirters Center, therefore going there was dead easy if you are taking the train.

Kainan sa Valley

Filipino Food in Brisbane

Best Friends, Kainan sa Valley is an offshoot restaurant outlet of the popular Best Friends Philippine and Asian Food Store, these may be the reason, aside from the easy accessibility, that the place is has become one of more popular eating place of Filipinos in Brisbane. The place is a “Turo Turo” style eatery on a food court set-up, the place is noticeably clean despite the fact that McWhirters Centre is an old shopping center. I was only able to try their Dinuguan and Laing a personal favorite but looking at the food selections, the food are indeed visually appealing and it will definitely make any Pinoy that primarily go to shop for Pinoy goodies hungry. They do also have a large selection of dessert and other Pinoy native delicacies to try.

Pinoy Native Delicacies

Adjacent is Café de Manila the coffee shop outlet of Best Friends which offers bakery products and Pinoy baked goodies and Pinoy cakes. It is an alternative option for someone who may not be hungry for a full Pinoy meal, and prefer a piece of Pinoy cake and a cup of coffee.

Café de Manila

For the record this is not a paid advertisement, Overseas Pinoy Cooking do not do paid post. OPC do regularly make similar post as part of our information sharing and as guide to our readers who may be looking for a place to eat or dine while visiting the subject place. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Bon de Chavez for giving me permission to take pictures which were used on this post.

Best Friends, Kainan sa Valley and Café de Manila are located at:

McWhirters Centre Food Court
Brunswick Cnr Wickham Streets
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
PH: (07) 3854 1462
FAX: (07) 3854 1418

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