Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant

Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant
Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant. If you are a frequent traveler to the south particularly to Batangas, Laguna and Quezon, then you may know or heard from your parents, Rose and Grace Restaurant. Rose and Grace Restaurant claim to be “The home of the famous Batangas Bulalo”, that is according to the sign’s on their Santa Rosa Branch. The restaurant was indeed one of the best Bulalo restaurant during their time. It was the most well-known restaurant in Santo Tomas, Batangas, it was also a must lunch or dinner stop when travelling to Quezon or Batangas that was before the STAR Tollway.

Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant - Dine In

Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant - Menu

To those who do not know, Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant is a Pay as You Order Turo-turo style restaurant. Beside Bulalo they do also serve a wide array of Filipino food cooked and prepared the Batangueno way including Pinoy kakanin and other Pinoy Food Delicacy.

They also have a branch in Sta Rosa, Laguna along the Hi-way to Tagaytay, right across Paseo Santa Rosa and near Nuvali. This make convenient to for old patron to enjoy their famous bulalo without traveling all the way to Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant - Sto Tomas

Batangas Bulalo at Rose and Grace Restaurant - Sta Rosa Branch

The restaurant branches are busy during lunch and dinner time, customers include old timers who know the restaurant and travellers that are looking for a Filipino restaurant along the Hi-way to have their lunch or dinner.

My honest review on Rose and Grace Restaurant? Their menu or food selection have not change all these years, they have sticked to their turo-turo style which I find outdated, this may have been convenient during the times when most of their customers are travellers and bus passengers that are in a hurry. The quality of their foods including their bulalo are no longer up to present standard of newer restaurants.

Batangas Bulalo

Batangas Bulalo - Soup

If you are planning to have a lunch or dinner in a proper dining restaurant atmosphere where you expect freshly cooked food served by neatly dressed food servers, then try another restaurant.

But if you are a traveller and looking for Filipino food that could be serve instantly then Rose and Grace Restaurant is you restaurant.

This include the old-timers who want to visit the restaurant to reminiscence the fast or just curious if their Rose and Grace Bulalo still taste as great as they remember.

For the record this is not a paid advertisement, Overseas Pinoy Cooking do not do paid post. OPC do regularly make similar post as part of our information sharing and as guide to our readers who may be looking for a place to eat or dine while visiting the subject place.


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