Pinatolang Sugpo

Pinatolang Sugpo
Pinatolang Sugpo. Pinatola is a soup dish usually made up of boiled beef with patola as the vegetable ingredients. Patola is a versatile ingredients for Pinoy soup dishes. The vegetable is added to any nilaga or dishes soup dishes. This includes a variety of noodles soup dishes and meat nilaga recipes including the bulalo. In fact I have already cooked several variation of Pinatola dishes. Now if you want to check them out just click the link list below.

Pinatolang Sugpo Recipe

Patola as is not only versatile vegetable as I already mentioned above. It is also very tasty and full of flavours that is why patola is best with soupy dishes. Today I would like to share another innovative use of patola our Pinatolang Sugpo.

Pinatolang Hipon

The already full of flavours boiled prawns is even made better by the tasty patola. Here is the recipe of my Pinatolang Sugpo.


1/2 kilo medium to large prawns, trimmed
4-5 large patola skinned, cut crosswise about 1 1/2” thick
2-3 cloves garlic, peeled, crushed, chopped
2-3 medium size onion, peeled, chopped
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure:

Pinatolang Sugpo - Cooking Procedure

In a medium size sauce pan. Saute the garlic and onion until fragrant. Add in 6 to 8 cups of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Add more water as necessary. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add in the patola and continue to cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked. Serve hot with a dipping sauce of patis, kalamansi and siling labuyo.


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