Kinilaw na Bangus, How to Prepare Bangus for Kinilaw

Kinilaw na Bangus, How to Prepare Bangus for Kinilaw

This KINILAW NA BANGUS was first posted on Overseas Pinoy Cooking several years back.

First have the fish vendor debone the fish.

Of course you will need a fresh fish for kinilaw na bangus or any other kinilaw.

I never trust the cleanliness of the palengke. I just ask the fish vendor to just debone the fish only, I will wash the fish my self. We do not want to introduce more bacteria to the now exposed meat of the bangus.

Straight away upon arriving at home, wash and rinse the fish in running water. Do not over-wash or soak the fish with water. Immediately wipe dry the fish with kitchen paper towels or tissue.

Keep in the refrigerator to chill or in a container with ice on plastic, until ready to slice or while preparing for the workplace and other ingredients.

The working table should be dry and clean, remember we are preparing kinilaw dish. 

Remove the head, tail, belly and other trimmings, including the skin. Use those parts as garnish and toppings. Cook the head, belly and other trimmings, daing na bangus style.

For this recipe I used two pieces medium sized bangus to yield one plate of kinilaw.

There are no hard rules for the ingredients, including quantity.

Our recipe on Overses Pinoy Cooking webpage is for guide only. 

Ingredients both type and quantity are based according to one’s preference and availability of ingredients.

Best is use a lot of ginger and onions plush the basic must have vinegar or kalamansi, salt and pepper. Use whatever available from tomatoes, kamias , pepino, suha ect.

Again use fresh bangus, work in a clean space, keep it dry.


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