Halabos na Hipon o Sugpo, Steamed Shrimp or Prawns

Halabos na Hipon o Sugpo, Steamed Shrimp or Prawns
Halabos na Hipon o Sugpo, Steamed Shrimp or Prawns. To most Pinoy, one of the best way to prepare fresh shrimps or prawns is halabos or steamed. The fresh shrimps or prawns steamed in its own juices with minimal aromatics, these may be some crushed garlic and or ginger or just little salt. Steaming the shrimps or prawns with its own juices retains the natural sweetness and freshness of the seafood.

Halabos with Vinegar Dip

The steamed shrimps or prawns are eaten with bare hands and served in a simple vinegar dip with crushed garlic and some birds eye chili. A reasonable sized shrimps are rather expensive to most Pinoy, but whenever there are some family occasions the cost won’t deter us from enjoying freshly steamed shrimps.

This morning I got some fresh large shrimp from Coles Supermarket, it deed cost some dollars but what the heck we have as I said satisfy our cravings once in a while.

Steamed; Halabos na Hipon

To cooked may halabos or steamed shrimps the whiskers and thorn shall be trimmed although it can be cooked as it is I do not want all those long whisker all over my steamed shrimps. I just dump the cleaned shrimps in a deep pan trow in some crushed garlic, some salt to taste and about 1/2 cup or water to start the steam.

Fresh shrimps or prawns similar with other seafood should not be overcooked to maintain its sweetness, overcooking will make the shrimps or prawns meat rubbery as rubber.


1/2 kilo medium to large shrimp, whiskers and thorn trimmed
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed
salt to taste
vinegar with crushed garlic and chili dip

Cooking procedure:

Steamed; Halabos na Sugpo

In a deep pan, add in the crushed garlic, salt to taste and about 1/2 cup of water. Bring to boil then throw in the shrimp into the boiling water, replace the pan lid and let boil for about 2 to 3 minutes until the shrimp has turned to red orange. Serve immediately with the vinegar garlic chili.


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