Halabos na Hipon sa Royal Tru-Orange

Halabos na Hipon sa Royal Tru-Orange
Halabos na Hipon sa Royal Tru-Orange. You may love or hate this dish, where in a world would you cook using Royal Tru-Orange softdrink. Most of our Halabos recipes are cooked using Sprite or 7-Up, most likely you yourself or your parents, all this time have been using Sprite or 7-Up when steaming your seafood or as marinade for your favorite BBQ. Now we are on the same direction. All carbonated drinks are basically the same, the only difference is the flavor. Logically if we can use Sprite or 7-Up on our Halabos why can’t we use Royal Tru-Orange or any other orange flavored carbonated drinks?

Halabos na Hipon

Before I go further if you are not convinced and want to stick with the traditional cooking method of halabos, well just click in the links below to see our other Halabos recipes from the archives.

Of course the resultant dish was great, the only differed to the traditional Halabos na Hipon is the added orange zing.

Halabos na Hipon sa Orange

Here is the recipe on my innovative Halabos na Hipon sa Royal Tru-orange, want to try it?


1kilo medium to large shrimp, whiskers and thorn trimmed
1 mandarin orange, trimmed, sliced crosswise into 4 parts
1/2 head garlic, crushed
1/3 block salted butter
1/2 cup Royal Tru-Orange
salt to taste
vinegar with crushed garlic and chili dip

Cooking procedure:

Halabos na Hipon sa Royal Tru-Orange - Cooking Procedure

In a wok place the garlic at the bottom, then add in the shrimp, Royal Tru-Orange and the sliced orange on top, season with salt to taste. Cover the wok and bring to a boil and let simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add in the butter and replace lid, continue to simmer for another 2 to 3 minutes or until the shrimp turns to bright orange. Remove the shrimp and orange from the wok and keep aside leaving the liquid. Now continue to boil the remaining liquid until it is reduced to about half. Return the prawns and stir cook for about a minute. Serve immediately with steam rice and vinegar garlic chili.

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