Kinilaw na Liblibro (Oxtripe Salad)

Kinilaw na Liblibro (Oxtripe Salad)
Kinilaw na Liblibro (Oxtripe Salad). Most likely you often find oxtripe at meat section of supermarket, most people don't know any other way to cook it beside kare-kare or papaitan, the fact is you need the innards for papaitan which is most likely not available or you don't want to go all the troubles of making kare-kare.

Kinilaw na Liblibro (Oxtripe Salad) Recipe

It is good pulutan for those who like to drink liquor, therefore you can prepare it on your next drinking party celebrations. I am sure it will be a good conversation topic.

Kinilaw na Liblibro

Here is a simple alternative way of cooking oxtripe, here is how i made it.


1/2 k. oxtripe
1 thumb size ginger, crushed
2 thumb size ginger, sliced thinly
1 medium size onion, sliced thinly
1 lemmon, extract juice
3 pcs red siling labuyo, chopped
balsamic vinegar
cooking oil


To prepare, wash thoroughly oxtripe put in a casserole and pour enough water to cover, add crushed ginger let boil and simmer until tender. Drain and discard liquid, if necessary repeat the process to fully remove the pungent aroma of the oxtripe. Let cool and cut julienne. To make the kinilaw, mix all ingredients, at high heat put small amount of cooking oil in a wok and toss the mix ingredients for a minute or until you could smell the aroma of ginger, remove from wok transfer to a bowl, drizzle with vinegar and/or lemmon juice, season with salt.


  1. can i replace d lemon with kalamansi juice? & how much kalamansi juice?

  2. The amount actually defends on how much acidity you prefer, you can start with 4-6 pcs. kalamansi or use same amount of vinegar. Test taste and if required you could always add more, good luck.

  3. yea it tastes good but i put a bit of soysauce on mine..and it tastes better for me..


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