Banana-que is another popular Pinoy Street Food, it is deep fried saba with caramelized sugar coating in bamboo skewer. Don’t be confused by the name, this is no barbecue, it is deep fried. That skewer stick is just for the handling and for ease of serving and eating. Filipinos just coined the term on the basis that banana-que is on a stick similar to barbecue.


I like the caramelized sugar coating and skin of my banana-que, crispy and succulent inside. To attain these the banana is to be deep fried on high heat until color changes to golden brown, then the sugar can be sprinkled while stirring occasionally. And when the sugar start to melt and infuse to the banana removed from heat. Do not over cook the sugar otherwise you end up with sticky coating. Here's how to cook Banana-que.


16 pcs. semi ripe banana (saba variety)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 liter cooking oil
bamboo skewer

Cooking procedure:

Trim both ends of each banana and peel off skin.

Trim both ends of each banana and peel off skin

In a large wok at high flame heat cooking oil put all the bananas in the wok and deep fry for 3-5 minutes or until color change to golden brown.

deep fry for 3-5 minutes or until color change to golden brown

Sprinkle brown sugar over the bananas and continue to fry and stirring occasionally for 2-3 minutes or until sugar has melted and have infused to the bananas.

Sprinkle brown sugar over the bananas

Do not overcook, remove bananas from wok and drain excess oil.

Using large bamboo skewer string 2 bananas together.

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  1. I haven't been to the Philippines in 20 years but this post just brought back a tsunami of memories. Thank you.

  2. Lonely Noose, Wow twenty years surely you missed a lot of the Philippines. I am pleased my recipe and foods has rekindled your treasured memories.

  3. susan said,
    Thanks you sa tips,You are right I made my own banana que palagi sticky kasi overcooked nga.Thanks!

  4. how can this be made in a healthy way? we are watching our cholesterol level. can this be baked instead of fried?

  5. I live in Oklahoma and I just found a good kooking saba at our new Asian market and wanted to make some banana que. so I will try it I hope it will taste like home.

  6. i miss banana que, yum yum yum

  7. do you have Tamales Pampanga recipe?

  8. I don’t have, probably I will make one in the future.


  10. I just sprinkle the sugar while it is boiling, when it starts to melt and coats the kamote or banana sprinkle more sugar then remove from the frying pan.

  11. There's nothing like a good o'l bananaque when you're just about to take a long bus ride in the philippines.
    such a wonderful/tasty little thing.

  12. I am in Cebu now for another 2 weeks....and I will get to try my 1st banana que in about an hour when my fiance gets here...I have wanted to try it for a long time now and just never was able to work it into our schedule. Can't wait and I already know I will love it just from the ingredients list... :)

  13. I am a half filipina and my mom is full but soo Americanized she can't speak Tagalog or Ilocano. My grandma didn't pass down the language and barely passed down things about our Igorot culture.

    Finding this site is amazing to me so now I can teach myself how to make these wonderful foods!!

    Gooo Igorots<3

    Thank you for the site<3

  14. To Anonymous, Welcome to OPC, goodluck and happy cooking.


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