Ginisang Sardinas, Canned Sardines Sautéed in Onion and Tomato

Ginisang Sardinas
Ginisang Sardinas, Canned Sardines Sautéed in Onion and Tomato. I have been craving for Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce. I like the red ones with chili added. This has made me visit one of the two Pinoy stores located in a neighbouring suburb to buy a couple of cans. You may have noticed by now that I have been posting fish, seafood and vegetables only for the past week. Today I am going further “sardinas na lang muna”, I have not posted any meat for the reason that most of you provably are aware by now, because of the coming Holy Week. I will continue to post fish or seafood and vegetables only for the rest of the Holy Week. I am not discussing how to cook ginisang sardinas since most of the readers would probably have cooked it before. But for those who have not tried it before I am posting the recipe below. Every Pinoy household have their own way of preparing or cooking canned sardines I myself have previously posted several canned sardines.
Instant Chicken Noodle Soup with Canned Salmon

Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili

Now its time to share your own way or method of cooking sardinas.


Sautéed in Onion and Tomato

1 big can canned sardines in tomato sauce (with chili)
2-3 garlic, crushed
1/2 small size onion chopped coarsely
1/2 small size tomato chopped coarsely
red or green chili, sliced (optional)
spring onion for garnishing (optional)
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

In a pan heat about 2 tbsp. cooking oil until it start to smoke. Add in the garlic and stir fry until it start to turn brown. Now add in the onion tomato and chili if using, continue to sauté until fragrant and the tomato are wilted. Pour in the sardine to the pan, using a ladle cut the fish to serving pieces and continue to stir cook for about 1 /2 minute to 2 minutes. Serve with spring onion garnishing over a plate of piping hot rice.


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