Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog

Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog
Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog is a Pinoy version of scrambled egg with tomatoes and onions. It is a quick Pinoy breakfast fare served with garlic fried rice or pandesal. It is popular and easy to prepare. Because of the ease to cook, it is ideal for those who have limited time to cook for breakfast but want to have some variety on their fried eggs.

Ginisang Kamatis Itlog

Most of my readers may have cooked Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog countless times already. But for the benefit of those have no idea how to cook an egg I decided to make a post of my version of Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog.

Cooking the dish as I mentioned earlier is dead easy. There are no exact quantities of the ingredients. Cooking method also defends on one’s preference or whatever available at the time of cooking. Most may have develop their own cooking method. Some may want their Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog cooked as the way their mother or grandma cook for them for years.

For me I cook my Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog with red ripe tomatoes and a lot of eggs. I want my egg cook as quickly as soon as the egg sets. I just stir eggs sparingly or literally folding the egg and tomato mixture until it sets. Here is the recipe of my version of Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog.


Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog - Ingredients

6 eggs, beaten
1 large red ripe tomato, chopped to large chunks
1 small size onion, peeled, chopped
salt to taste
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

Ginisang Kamatis at Itlog - Cooking Procedure

In a nonstick frying pan heat some cooking oil till it start to smoke. Add in the onion and stir cook until translucent. Add in the tomatoes and stir cook until it start to wilt. Season with salt to taste. Now bring the heat down to moderate to low. Stir in the beaten eggs, stir sparingly or fold the mixture until the eggs sets. Serve with garlic fried rice or pandesal.

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