Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus

Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus
Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus. Grilled bangus stuffed with tomatoes and onion is one of the usual inihaw na isda dish prepared on most Pinoy special occasion and celebrations for one reason that bangus of any size are always available year round in the Philippines.

Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus - Recipe

Now I have to include my Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus as one of my recommended celebration dish for the Holiday Season. In fact Inihaw na bangus have always been one of our regular dish during the Christmas and New Year dinner or lunch.

Our Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus today as the name suggest is grilled wraped with banana leaves pinaputok style, similar to our Pinaputok dishes that we have featured in the fast. Just click the link list below to check them out.

Pinaputok recipes:
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Here is the recipe of my Inihaw na Bangus, Pinaputok na Bangus.


1 large size bangus, milkfish
2 medium size tomato, chopped
1 medium size onion, peeled, chopped
2 thumb size ginger, skinned, finely chopped
2-3 long green chili, chopped
1 tbsp. bagoong alamang
1 tbsp. sampalok sinigang mix

aluminum foil
banana leaves

Cooking procedure:

Remove gills and scales of the milkfish using a scissor cut pins and tail. Slit the back of the milkfish all the way to the stomach to form a packet inside the fish and remove innards leaving the stomach fats. Wash fish including cavities and drain. Rub skin and cavities with salt and set aside. To prepare stuffing, in a bowl toss the onion, ginger, tomato, chili, bagoong alamang, tamarind mix and generously season with salt. Stuff fish cavity with the mixture. Wrap fish with the banana leaf then with the aluminium foil. Grill over charcoal for 10 to 15 minutes on each side. When done unwrap and serve with dipping sauce mixture of soy sauce, kalamansi and siling labuyo.


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