Pansit ng Taga Malabon

Pansit ng Taga Malabon sa Bilao
Yesterday I made a post on kinunot na pagi and the family dinner at Kinuron a Bicol specialty food stall at Food Village of Tiendesitas. On same block at four stalls away is Pansit ng Taga Malabon stall, immediately we ordered one take out large bilao.

Pansit ng Taga Malabon - Tiendesitas

Since we are having a full dinner at Kinuron we intend to have it as merienda upon our arrival home or breakfast for the next morning. Pansit Malabon is one of the foods I always come to love and probably by most Pinoys in fact I have already made post on Pansit Malabon, click here to see that post.

Pansit ng Taga Malabon - Food Trip

Their version is loaded with the usual toppings including adobong pusit. Most likely there is one Pansit ng Taga Malabon outlet in your area if you are from Metro Manila. I myself always order my bilao take out from Pansit ng Taga Malabon. They do serve also other Pinoy favorite dishes like daing na bangus, lumpiang shanghai, binagoongang baboy, lechon kawali, ect. They also have your favorite kakanin. Visit their web site click here, to learn more about their story and to check out if there is a branch near you.


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