Crispy Fried Dilis, Deep Fried Fresh Anchovies

Crispy Fried  Dilis, Deep Fried Fresh Anchovies
Crispy Fried Dilis, Deep Fried Fresh Anchovies. Dilis is one of the several fish that are always available in wet markets and not to mention it is also cheaper than the other fishes. This probably because it is troublesome to clean and of course removing the bones before eating. Well if you have time to de-bone each fish and are really fresh, dilis are great for kinilaw. Other than that dilis is cooked as paksiw or fried. Here is how I fried it, it is so crispy even the bones can be eaten.

Crispy Fried  Dilis, Deep Fried Fresh Anchovies with Dip


1 k. dilis
1/4 c. kalamansi juice
1/2 c. corn starch
salt and pepper
cooking oil

Cooking procedure:

Remove head, gills and innards of each dilis. Wash fish thoroughly drain. Marinate fish for 10-15 minutes with kalamansi juice, season with salt and pepper. Keep chilled in refrigerator. In a deep frying pan heat oil until it start to smoke, drop and arrange each dilis in the frying pan and deep fry for 5-8 minutes or until golden brown. Serve crisp hot with a dipping sauce of vinegar, garlic, onion, salt and sili.


  1. do we marinate it with the cornstarch along with kalamansi juice and salt and pepper?

  2. Hi anonymous, Thanks for the clarification, yes I overlooked it marinate the dilis with kalamansi , salt and pepper. When ready to fry coat them with cornstarch seasoned with salt and pepper let stand for a minute or two then deep fry.


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