Razon’s Halo Halo, Saba Macapuno Halo Halo

Saba Macapuno Halo Halo
Razon’s Halo Halo has now become a craze. There are several queries for Razon’s halo halo recipe. Their halo halo is simply made up of three ingredients, sweetened banana/saba pieces, some shreded sweetened macapuno and two or three slivers of dayap flavored leche flan. I myself have tried it in some occasions. Sure for those who have been used to eating those generic gel and beans halo halo sold at popular fasfood restaurants, Razon’s halo halo is something new. Some of the best halo halo are those that are made up of homemade native sweets.

Saba Macapuno Halo Halo

I grew up in the province where halo halo are made up of homemade native sweets that are cooked by my grandma. Razon’s had capitalize on these using simple native sweets and of course used of new innovation like using syrup and finely shave ice. Their choice of only soft ingredients plus the use of finely shaved ice make this halo halo different from the rest, it is almost like a halo halo shake. The only negative thing is the price, P70.00 for a glass of halo halo with only a few ingredients is a rip off. If you want to enjoy a similar homemade halo halo treat for your family, one two... sawa pa ito, here is my recipe.


Razon’s Halo Halo, Saba Macapuno Halo Halo Ingredients

minatamis na saba, sweetened bananas,
minatamis na macapuno, sweetened coconut sport
dayap flavoured leche flan
evaporated milk
sugar syrup, 1 part sugar and 1 part water
iced, finely shaved


To prepare sugar syrup stir in sugar in a boiling water and remove from heat let cool set aside. Remove hard core/seeds of each sweetened banana and dice into small pieces, keep aside. If using the bottled regular macapuno quickly and coarsely blend in a blender, keep aside. Slice dayap flavoured leche flan into 1” by 2”slivers, keep aside.

To make one regular tall glass of halo halo: Fill in the halo halo ingredients in this order. 4 tbsp of macapuno, 3 tbsp of banana, 2 tbsp of sugar syrup. Add in the finely shaved ice, lightly press in ice to fill in all voids and top with 3 slivers of leche flan, before serving pour in 1/4 cup of evaporated milk.


  1. Oh yum! This simple halo-halo is still so rich in flavor. :)

  2. sometimes simple things make the difference, toni thanks for the visit…

  3. Any kind of halo halo is simply yummy. There's a traditional halo halo recipe on http://www.filipinodesserts.net that you might be interested to look it. It's also so good. I made one myself. Thanks for this new recipe. I'll try this one out too.

  4. Hi toni, Thanks for taking time to visit OPC , Wow just looking at the photo nakakatakam na, I will definitely try it as well…

  5. Hello,
    Thanks po talaga sa mga post nyo nakakatulong po talaga lalo na sa mga katulad kong di marunong magluto.Tanung ko lang po sana kung san nakakabili sa pilipinas ng gamit nyong gilingan ng yelo.Maganda po kc maliit lang cya.Pwede po ba pahingi ng address kun san nabibili.Thanks po talaga..

  6. To Anonymous, Try mo sa SM kong meron pa doon kasi nabili ito pero matagal na.

  7. oh great! ilove razon's halo-halo. thank u for posting ^^

  8. I love their halo-halo! This is a great recipe!!!


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