Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam

Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam
Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam. I have an old kamias tree on the back of our house. It’s been giving us constant supply of kamias for our sinigang and pinangat. Most of the time we are not able to consumed its fruits and oftentimes it is left till they are overriped and just dropped to the ground. When I was a kid back in the province my grandmother use to make jams out of overripe kamias we use to roll those overripe kamias in a bamboo bench to squeeze out the sour juice of the fruit. Now just want to share how I turned those ripe kamias into a jam.

Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam Recipe

This is the first time I made jam out of kamias I want it really Pinoy style so I used muscovado sugar instead of the refined sugar you find on jam recipes. I remember my grandmother used some apog or lime to make the squeezed fruit firm so it won’t disintegrate during cooking. Well I have chosen not to use it I wouldn’t know what effects it will give to our body beside I do not know where to source it.

Kamias Jam

 I just cooked it with my instincts and the result was not bad at all, it tasted more like a tamarind sweet preserved. Here’s the recipe of my Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam.


Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam - Squeezing Procedure

1 big bowl ripe kamias, ginger lily
3 cups muscovado sugar

Cooking procedure:

Kamias Jam, Ginger Lily Jam - Cooking Procedure

Squeeze out the juices of the kamias by pricking each fruit with fork at several locations. Then gently roll each fruit against a chopping board with your hand until almost all the juices are extracted. When done place the squeezed kamias I a large bowl and fill with water, let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Now drain and discard the water using a shive, gently press down the kamias agaist the shive to squeeze out remaining liquid. Fill a medium size pot with water halfway, bring to a boil. Add in the squeezed kamias and muscovado sugar. Let boil then simmer at low to moderate heat, stirring occasionally for 30 to 45 minutes or until it turns into a consistency of a jam. Let it cool down before serving.


  1. Hi
    I live in Australia and would like to grow a kamias tree in my backyard. If you live in Australia, would you send me some seeds, please? I'm willing to pay. Thanks.



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