Palitaw, Dila-Dila

Palitaw, Dila-Dila
Palitaw, Dila-Dila is a simple Pinoy merienda made up of boiled glutinous rice dough rolled in grated coconut and sugar. The original recipe uses galapong, galapong is derived from soaking the glutinous rice for several hours drained and ground in stone grinders. Not to worry glutinous rice flour is the ideal substitute and is readily available everywhere. The name palitaw is coined from the cooking process where the uncooked dough will sit at the bottom of boiling water and when cooked will float, dila-dila for the reason that they are shaped like the tounge.


Cooking is simple, the flour to water ratio is 2:1, for every two parts flour one cup of water is required to make the dough. For dipping/coating in addition to the grated coconut, I use the not so mature coconut. I substituted the regular sugar to muscuvado sugar of course regular sugar will do the job but I wanted it the way it was served back during my childhood, we used to live near a sugarcane fields where muscuvado sugar was always available. Muscuvado sugar is a raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane and still retains the natural taste of sugarcane. The use of linga or sesame seads toasted and lightly pounded will to bring out the fragrant aroma.


Palitaw, Dila-Dila Ingredients

2 cup glutinous rice flour
1 cup water
1 cup muscuvado sugar or
regular sugar (brown or white)
1/4 cup linga, sesame seeds
2 cup grated coconut

Cooking procedure:

Palitaw, Dila-Dila - Cooking Procedure

In a big bowl mix the glutinous rice flour and water to form into dough. Chip off about the size of a golf ball and roll using the palm to form into balls, arrange in a platter and keep aside. In a frying pan stir toast sesame seeds for about 30 seconds or until color start to change, let cool down. Using pestle and mortar lightly pound the toasted sesame seeds, keep aside. Boil half filled water in a medium size casserole. Flatten the glutinous rice dough to form an oblong flat tongue like dough, repeat process with the rest of the dough balls. Drop flattened dough one by one in batches at the boiling water. Let boil for about a minute until they float to the surface, scoop out the palitaw and drain in a colander, let cool down until ready to serve. Roll each palitaw in a bed of grated coconut, sugar and sesame seeds. Serve with beverage or coffee.


  1. Ansarap naman nyan! Palitaw! Gosh..three years na kong di nakakakain nyan! :(

  2. I am making me some this weekend. Yummy! thank's for sharing the recipe as always.

  3. Hi Cecilla MQ,
    Its my pleasure, Thanks also for the visit.

  4. the very first time i encountered this site, my impression was, this was a perfect site for food lovers who wish to learn to cook their favorite dishes because the site is in it's simplest form, the layout was very good and it is user friendly + the fact that, food and ingredients here are basically totoong pinoy! thank you so very much. my family gathering is always happy with the food i am serving..the recipe coming mainly from this site.


  5. Hi dan,
    It’s my pleasure, thank you for the nice compliments.


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