Special Vigan Royal Bibingka

Special Royal Bibingka, Vigan Bibingka
Special Vigan Royal Bibingka One of the most view recipe of OPC is the recipe of Royal Bibingka. There were quite a lot of reactions on that post mostly feedback of good results and some clarification of the ingredients and cooking method. There were some readers also that are suggesting some improvements both alternative ingredients and cooking method. As I have mentioned in that post the Royal Bibingka is synonym to Christmas in Vigan. Since Christmas is approaching I decided to make another post on Vigan Royal Bibingka which is a special version. Some of my Ilocano readers will surely know that Royal Bibingka was made about the size of a large plate in the old days. The batter was from wet grinding the glutinous rice using a stone hand mill of which is called gallapong. Today dry starch or flour from glutinous rice are readily available even overseas. The bibingka was then baked in clay stove where hot charcoals can be placed under and over the clay pot. The Vigan Royal Bibingka has now evolved both in size and in cooking method they are now baked in gas or electric ovens the size of muffins.

Vigan Royal Bibingka Original Recipe by Overseas Pinoy Cooking

Vigan Bibingka

On this special version of Vigan Royal Bibingka I substituted some ingredients from my original recipe. I now used thick coconut cream in can instead the original coconut powder. The reason I used the coconut powder on my earlier version was to have more concentration of coconut milk (using more coconut milk will substantially improve the taste) which was not possible with fresh coconut milk at that time since the recipe only needs a minimal quantity of liquid. With the availability of concentrated canned coconut cream/milk now I replaced the coconut powder. I could have used the fresh pure coconut milk that is extracted by mechanical contraption at Metro Manila wet markets but that will wait till my next vacation. I also used egg yolks only instead of whole eggs, this has improved the richness beside the improvement of the color. Another twist I made was the use of fresh milk instead of canned evaporated milk for smoother consistency. I now made the bibingka the size of muffins using silicon muffin moulds. The only set back was I could not source the must ingredient, Star Pinoy margarine, although the margarine I used was more superior to the Star margarine the Pinoy aroma of the Pinoy margarine is an essential ingredient.

Special Royal Bibingka, Vigan Bibingka

I have to my best tried to stick to the quantity of ingredients, cooking times and cooking methods so that I could rectify shortcomings and highlights important procedures to ensure that everyone can duplicate the recipe as I am expecting a lot of the readers will have a try on this new version. I would like to reiterate to stick to the recipe, deviate only if you have a lot of experience in making bibingka particularly this type. Do not go beyond the recommended baking times. You may notice that some of the bibingka on the photo are a bit overdone, that was because I wanted to brown the cheese topings. But again still you have to carefully monitor and adjust accordingly since different baking ovens are not always the same. The recipe below makes 12 muffin size Vigan Royal Bibingka. Here is the recipe of my version of Special Vigan Royal Bibingka, Vigan Bibingka.


Special Royal Bibingka, Vigan Bibingka - Ingredients

2 cups glutinous rice flour
1 cup canned coconut cream
1/2 cup fresh milk
4 large egg yolks
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/4 cup margarine

Vigan Bibingka - Cooking Method

Cooking procedure:

In a big bowl place the glutinous rice flour and sugar. Whisk in the milk and coconut cream until runny batter is formed. Add in the egg yolks and continue to whisk until fully blended. Coat the muffin molds with margarine. Spoon the batter into the muffin molds, about 4 table spoon each mold. Arrange the silicon molds in a baking tray and cover with aluminium foil.

Special Royal Bibingka - Cooking Procedure

Bake in an oven at 350°F to 375°F for 15 to 20 minutes. Now remove cover of the now half cooked bibingka and top with cheese and sugar. Return aluminium covering and bake for another 25 to 30 minutes. Adjust baking time as necessary. Remove the aluminium covering during the final 10 minutes of baking. Brush with margarine at least twice in between.

Special Royal Bibingka, Vigan Bibingka - Baking Method

When the cheese start change color remove from the oven and brush again with margarine. Let cool down, remove from mold and serve.

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  1. wow! looks yummy.. I'd love to try this.
    Can i put banana leaves as lining for the cakes?

  2. Can we use microwave instead of oveN?

  3. @ Kitchenette, yes that how it should have been, but I could not find banana leaves here.

    @ Anonymous, I dont think so.

  4. goodness this is so intensive. so where are you spending your christmas pare? banana leaves are readily available in your asian market though they are selling it around $8 a bunch. so expensive if you ask me. we just tried making cassava cake and it was a bit on the failing side. we'll try this one. and if we can get some longganisa and make some salted eggs they go fantastic with this i reckon.

    good job mate!

  5. Hi Ziggy,
    I may still be working,
    Yes I found some banana leaves at a Thai store a couple of days ago to late.
    Merry Christmas mate.

  6. hi, I was preparing your recipe today but something just doesn't add up... parang me kulang sa measurement ng liquid.. can you please tell me kung tama ung measurement ng liquid. or kung meron changes can you please tell me.. salamat..


  7. Hi Amy,
    The coconut milk should be about 1 cup. see my other bibingka recipe for reference.


  8. thank you for the recipe! I made this and its really good. something to do when I'm craving for delicacies from home.


  9. Mouth-watering!!! Still undone but by just looking i'm sure na kaya ko to...Very gud sa mga di nakakauwi sa Vigan. Nagdaras met la gayam ti agluto ti Royal bibingka...ngem apay nga nagngina? Are they still grinding the DIKET??? or ready made na? More power VIGAN CITY...

  10. Hello,
    Nalaka met la gayam ti agluto ti Royal bibingka aglalo no adda glutinous rice powder na...all the rest of sangkap is nasa kitchen mo na. Mabuhay VIGAN City! Thanks to you.


  11. @esvee,
    thank you din po...

  12. ive tried cooking this in microwave oven, i done it samw procedure cooking with pudding, turn the oven to high for 25 mins repeat it 2x This is Grace in Vietnam! taga Vigan nak met!

  13. Hi Grace,
    Wow I need to try it also, thanks for sharing..Kumusta dita Vietnam?

  14. I just tried this. It tastes amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  15. Thank you for your feedback...

  16. Hi thank you for this recipe. I made it for our New Year party and it was a hit. I only have a couple of comments. Apay nga nagbessag? And the texture was not as "nakilnet" as I remember the Vigan royal bibingka to be. I am also born and raised in Vigan.
    By the way do you have also the recipe of the white small bibingka that the sell outside of the cathedral during the holiday season?
    How about pipian? These are my Vigan food cravings. Thanks!

  17. i will try to make this on my next off coz i missed pinas,pinoy foods,fruits,vegs and sweets like vigan bibingka,, i missed it..

    ( marieta from venice )

  18. I could not find pasotes in Manila, a must ingredient for Vigan Pipian...

  19. can i use microwave for cooking royal bibingka?

    tess of mla

  20. From: Mr E of Illinois,USA
    What kind of milk do you use-2% or whole milk or can I use half & half?

  21. Hi MrE,
    Any milk will do, including evaporated canned milk.

  22. Thankyou so much for this recipe, I am new to trying Filipino food and recipes and now this is my favourite, masarap!! Salamat!
    April (Australia)

  23. hi!
    have you tried to bake it in a regular cupcake/muffin tray? and have you tried baking with cupcake liner?
    wala kc akong silicon molds. at gusto ko ng try.

  24. Hi May,
    I have not tried it myself but I suggest use cupcake liner if using baking tray, good luck.

  25. didn't have the courage to try it on a regular muffin tin, baka masayang la ketdi jay batter ko hehe.
    i waited for my silicone pan in the mail. did it the same day it came. it was good. ung cheddar cheese ko laeng ket natangken. don't know why. maybe

  26. i only put 2 tablespoon per cavity. i felt that my muffin pan is too small for 4 TBS. But it came out too thin and the bottom is kind'a burnt.
    i will try 4 TBS next time. i'll get it eventually lol!


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