Turon Tikoy and Fried Tikoy

Turon Tikoy and Fried Tikoy
Turon Tikoy and Fried Tikoy. These is not a about how to cook Tikoy, I mean how to actually cook a Tikoy Cake. I really do not know how to make Tikoy. But all that I know  the Tikoy Cake is usually cut in thin slices then fried with beaten egg coating.
That is how we have been cooking Tikoy ever since I could remember. But recently Tikoy Cake slices are now cooked Turon Style, yes similar to Turon or Fried Banana Rolls.


Turon Tikoy is made of Tikoy Cake slices instead of Saging na Saba or Banana. The sliced Tikoy, together with cheese or langka or makapuno, ect.;  or in combination are wrapped with lumpia wrapper then fried until the lumpia wrapper become turn golden brown and crispy.

Now what is Tikoy? Tikoy literally means Sweet Cake. The word Tikoy is a derivative of the Fookien word “ti-ke” meaning sweet cake. It is always a must food item during the Chinese New Year.
Fried Tikoy

I am not writing things about Tikoy, I donot have first-hand knowledge about Tikoy, including cooking or making the Tikoy Cake. If you are looking for information about Tikoy just make a Google Search and you will get countess versions, cooking methods and recipes.


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