Ensaladang Hilaw na Manga, Green Mango Salad

Ensaladang Hilaw na Manga, Green Mango Salad
Ensaladang Hilaw na Manga, Green Mango Salad. Green mango dipped in bagoong alamang is every Pinoy’s favorite. Just the thought of it makes us droll and crave for it. Off course it is best enjoy right under a big mango tree, freshly pick and crunchy during the afternoon chitchat with friends. When I was a kid we used slingshot or tirador to bring down these mangoes.

Here is my recipe of ensaladang hilaw na manga or green mango salad. Prepared as side dish for any thing grilled or fried.

Green Mango


1/2 kilo green mangoes , sliced into strips, julienne
2 medium size tomato, cut into thin wedges
1 small size onion, sliced thinly, optional
1-2 hot chillies, chopped
sautéed salted shrimp paste, bagoong alamang


In a big bowl mix/toss all ingredients. Quantity of baggong alamang to suit taste. Chill in a refrigerator until ready to serve. Note that it must be serve as soon as possible to enjoy the crispiness of the green mango. Serve as side dish for grilled or fried fish or meat.


  1. Ay grabe! nakakatakam naman ito! lagi akong naglalaway at nagugutom everytime I drop by your site. Thanks for sharing your passion for food, particularly Filipino cuisine.

    by the way, I also own HotMomma, which you visit sometimes. I am leaving the link to my second blog as a way of introducing it to you.


  2. Pinoy Around the World, Thanks for dropping by, I’m pleased you like my foods and recipes. Yes I will check your second site and add it on my list.

  3. Nakakalaway, nakakagutom... ang sarap! Ang aking ensalada, may suka pa kasi mahilig ako ng maaasim na pagkain. Salamat sa iyong post.

  4. gusto ko tong sawsawan ng inihaw na hito..sarap..miss ko na buhay sa bukid

  5. Ang sarap naman nyan, nakakalaway! favorite ko kasi manggang hilaw. salamat po sa pag post. God bless po!!!

  6. This what i'm looking for... thanks for the post. God bless you... your work is not in vain.


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