Ensaladang Repolyo with Chicharon

Ensaladang Repolyo with Chicharon
Ensaladang Repolyo with Chicharon is another Ilokano inspired dish that I would like to share. There are no special cooking method for this recipe except for the chicharon option. Cooking method is similar to my other ensalada post.

The vegetable is quickly blanch with boiling water then tossed with tomatoes, onion, bagoong na isda and some vinegar. You may top with crushed chicharon baboy or serve on the side. The chicharon I used are with laman. It would have been ideal if the Vigan bagnet is available. Here’s how I made my Ensaladang Repolyo with Chicharon, enjoy.


1/2 small size cabbage, julienne
1 medium size tomato, chopped
1 small size onion, chopped thinly
2-3 tbsp. bagoon na isda
2 tablespoon. vinegar

Cooking procedure:

Ensaladang Repolyo with Chicharon - Cooking Procedure

In a casserole boil water and blanch the cabbage for 1/2 to a minute, remove from water and drain, let cool. In a big bowl toss cabbage, and all other ingredients. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve top with chicharon or serve on the side.


  1. I love cabbage and the simplicity of this dish. Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. marami akong repolyo sa fridge, di ko alam kung anong luto ko, thanks for sharing your recipy. i try ko sya mamaya sa bahay.

  3. hindi ko alam ang ihahanda ko! when i saw this u give me an idea.. ty


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