Paho, Paho Salad

Paho, Paho Salad
Paho, Paho Salad. Most of my readers would most likely do not know what a Paho is?  If you search on google about  Paho, there is little information. Those information most likely came from a single source. Search will also return two recipe of Paho, Paho Salad and Pickled Paho.

Paho, Paho Salad with Fish

To give you an overview what is Paho, I will not echo the information from the web, you probably have google search it already at this time.

Paho, Paho Salad Dish

I will try to provide information about Paho based on my personal knowledge. These information were based on what I have learned from relatives who are from Laguna, plus my frequent travels to Batangas.

Paho Basket

At first I have always thought that Paho are small young mangoes. No, they are not it is a type or a variety of mango. The fruits are called Paho, on the average, it is the size of a small fruit like sineguelas or castanas.  The fruit has the characteristic of pungent smell of unripe mango and are very sour.

In Laguna and Batangas, Paho are eaten as it is, dipped in salt. Paho are made into salad, mixed or tossed with chopped tomatoes and onions, flavoured  with either salt, fish sauce or bagoong na Isda. In Batangas they use Bagoong Balayan, or patis from Sinaing na Tulingan.

Paho salad is served with Sinaing na Tulingan or any fried fish or even dried fish.

Here is the recipe of my version of Paho, Paho Salad. Try it if you find the fruit at your local wet market.


12-15 pieces paho, timed meat slice of from the seed, sliced into thin strips
6-10 small to medium sized tomato, trimmed, sliced
1-2 medium sized onion, peeled, sliced
2-3 tabs. bagoong na isda, bagoong Balayan
2-3 long green chili or red hot chili optional, chopped or sliced


In a medium sized bowl toss or mix all the ingredients, let cool down on the refrigerator unlit ready to serve. Best served with Sinaing na Tulingan or any fried fish.

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