Ensadalang Ampalaya, Ampalaya Salad

Ensadalang Ampalaya, Ampalaya Salad
Ensaladang Ampalaya, Bitter Gourd Salad. It is a fact that ampalaya is rich in iron and other minerals. Eating ampalaya also lowers the blood sugar level thereby very effective home remedy for diabetics. Ensaladang ampalaya is not for everyone, especially for those who would not like the bitter taste of the vegetable. However, those who have acquired the taste of this vegetables ensaladang ampalaya is one great way to cook the bitter gourd.

Ensadalang Ampalaya, Ampalaya Salad - Bagoong na Isda

Ampalaya are first sliced crosswise, to reduce the bitterness, the sliced ampalaya could be soaked in salt-water solution for at least 15 minutes. There are some who will eat it raw with tomatoes and onions, but I prefer it blanched for a couple of minutes then drench in iced water to stop the cooking and preserved the fresh and natural green color of the ampalaya. Blanching will also reduce the bitterness. Here is how I made my ensaladang ampalaya.


1 big size ampalaya, cut in half de-seeded and sliced crosswise
1 medium size onion, chopped finely
1 medium size tomato, chopped
1/4 cup bagoong na isda, sauce
2 tbsp. vinegar

Cooking procedure:

In a casserole boil water and blanch sliced ampalaya for 1/2 to a minute, remove from water and drain, drench in a bowl of iced cold water to let cool and stop the cooking process. In a big bowl, toss ampalaya, and all other ingredients. Serve immediately for maximum crunch.

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