Laing Stuffed Squid

Laing Stuffed Squid
Laing Stuffed Squid is another OPC’s experimental dish that is inspired for my love of ginataan food and seafood particularly the squid. The idea came about while cooking laing that I was craving since I come back to Manila. The idea is to stuff the squids with laing then place the stuffed squid on top of the laing (during the final stage of cooking) to just steam cook for a few minutes.

Laing Stuffed Squid Recipe

Remember that the squid should be cooked as quick as possible otherwise it will turn like rubber. If you have your own laing recipe then you may use it as stuffing otherwise use the laing recipes on the archives, Laing, Taro Leaves in Coconut Milk or Laing at Daing, Laing with Dried Fish. To serve I just sliced the squid in to rings then pour over my prepared my creamy laing sauce.

Laing Stuffed Squid with Creamy Sauce

To make the creamy laing sauce just I just scoped out about 2 cups from the broth of the cooking laing, I added extra coconut milk to my usual laing recipe for this purpose. I just thicken it with cornstarch to make the laing broth into a sauce consistency.

The final outcome is fantastic, the yummy creamy laing sauce made the difference. But remember once again that squid should not be overcooked if you do not want a rubbery dinner. Here is the recipe of my Laing Stuffed Squid, enjoy.


3 extra-large size squid, cleaned and innards removed
cooked laing for the stuffing
broth from cooking laing for the base of the laing sauce
2 tbsp cornstarch

Cooking procedure:

Laing Stuffed Squid - Laing Sauce

To make the creamy laing sauce scope out 2 to 3 cups of broth while the laing is at its final stages of cooking. Using a small pan boil the laing broth then thicken with cornstarch diluted with about 1/4 of water. Cook for about half a minute then remove from the heat, keep aside. Stuff each squid with laing and tuck in the head and tentacles in place.

Laing Stuffed Squid - Cooking Procedure

Arrange the stuffed squid on top of the cooking laing, replace the pan lid and let it steam cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. To serve slice squid in to rings and arrange on a platter. Pour over prepared sauce and top with chili. Serve with a lot of rice.

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This is one good food huh? It is my first time seeing this recipe. Will try it soon.

Thanks for sharing!


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